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Tallinn International Kindergarten welcomes all international and local pre-school students to join the English education path. We have a cozy, inviting, and engaging environment with warm and loving teachers.

Teachers are highly qualified and can relate to the difficult transitions your child might be facing. They understand special needs of a child exposed to a new language and environment. The kindergarten building is a house located in a conveniently quiet street not far from the city center.


The International Kindergarten was founded in Tallinn in 1997 under the name of the International English Kindergarten. In 2002 the Kindergarten was renamed and now we are known as Tallinn International Kindergarten.

During the period from 1997 to 2007, the Kindergarten rented different premises but since 2007 we have our own house in the center of Tallinn which has improved the conditions for teaching children immensely. 

Our Commitment 

At Tallinn International Kindergarten we are committed to teaching all our courses in English, to help the development and growth of our diverse multicultural students. We believe that the optimal development of kids is based on the relationship with themselves, with their environment, and with the world. 

We believe in our children, we provide them with good treatment, appreciation, and learning growth to start from their individuality to plan and build meaningful experiences for their lives. 

Since most of our families come from different parts of the world, we also have a commitment to help them settle in Tallinn, by helping them with a smooth transition into their new home. Staying positive and being flexible with their needs throughout the process. 

It is important for us to live in the present while helping our children build their road to their future.

Tallinn International Kindergarten