Menu for 2023/2024 Academic Year

All meals meet the requirements of the National Institute for Health Development, Health Board, Agriculture and Food Board, and school food requirements of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

  • All the meals are made in our local kitchen. We don`t use a catering service.
  • The weekly menu includes 2-3 soup days (served with dessert) and 2-3 main course days. There is also one meat-free day.
  • Fruits and vegetables are served every day.
  • Meals containing fish are served at least once a week.
  • Our kindergarten does not have a full and only vegetarian-based menu. We do our best to find alternatives for our vegetarian children, such as naturally not serving meat, replacing the milk-containing menu with water or plant-based milk, etc.
  • We are flexible and always find alternatives for children with allergies.
  • Pasta meals are served no more than once a week. We try to use only full-grain pasta, 100% rye or full-grain bread.
  • Meals contain a limited amount of sugar and salt. Only natural spice/flavoring is added.
  • We use a minimum of sugar for teas, homemade juices, and desserts.
  • When preparing desserts, we use whole milk sugar-free products, and seasonal berries or fruit.
  • Our main goal is to replace unnecessary and unhealthy refined sugar and flour with healthier options and reduce the overall sugar content in the food.
  • We do not serve sweet juices or other drinks containing refined sugars.

Note: for more information on food ingredients, including allergens please contact the managing director Nataly Lapp.

Tallinn International Kindergarten