Mission, Vision & Values

Identity Statement 

The Tallinn International Kindergarten is a private Kindergarten, committed to prepare international students for primary education. We follow the Estonian National Curriculum which is taught in English, helping us serve a multicultural student body.


The Tallinn International Kindergarten is devoted to the creative and personal development of our tiny students, inspiring them to become creative, positive, and active global citizens. 


TIKI is an environment in which learning occurs…

Fun and Engaging


Sustained by responsible practices 


Honesty          Respect          Compassion          Diversity          Integrity


  • Personal 
    • Being creative is an important part of excellence 
    • Satisfaction is reached by doing our best in a balanced and healthy environment
    • Challenges and adaptation are necessary for our personal growth
  • Community 
    • We grow encouraging ourselves and helping others in our community
    • Encourage and value each others potential 
  • Global 
    • We are responsible for being global citizens, staying positive and encouraging change in our surroundings
Tallinn International Kindergarten